Apr 30, 2018

The Top 5 Greenest Communities In Cincinnati

In honor of earth day two weeks ago, Spatial set out to determine which Cincinnati neighborhoods are talking the most about the environment on social media.

The Data Process:

To find out which Cincinnati neighborhoods are leading the way in sustainability, Spatial data scientists analyzed community engagement from social media (Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Meetups, events, to name a few) from January 1st, 2016 to April 18, 2018. Using some of our 500 machine-generated segments (clustered based on word similarity) as inspiration we created a lexicon of things that environmentally conscious communities talk about. Examples include, solar, eco, sustainable, reuse, upcycling, and compost.  



The Ranking System:

The following neighborhoods are ranked by two factors: the volume of relevant data points matching the lexicon as well as the percentage of the conversation those data points have out of the toal posts. This is to take into account that some locations may have a higher output of posts in general. 

Volume = number of data points matching the lexicon

Percentage of Conversation = total matching posts / total posts


The Results:


Clifton just edged out Northside as the most socially engaged green community in Cincinnati. Giving Clifton an almost unfair advantage is University of Cincinnati. Driving social media conversation are a few initiatives such as a sustainability push dramatically reducing dorm energy consumption, composting 14 tons of coffee grounds into landscape fertilizer, and pushing a bike, Zipcar, and Zimride initiative. Also notable are the green homes in that make up of the community.



Northside was one of six neighborhoods that received a grant from the building blocks of sustainable communities initiative. Unlike Clifton, who’s educational institution funds green development, the Northside community tends to organize on its own. Instead of LEED buildings, you see grassroots initiatives from the community like repurposing and upcycling old items.




The first in the list outside of central city is Mt. Washington. With more room in their backyards this community came out big with gardening driving most of environmental-related social media conversation. Whether that is personal gardens or community gardens, Mt. Washington folks are more likely to talk about composting and gardening than any other neighborhood in Cincinnati. Mt Washington also had the second highest amount of social media related to solar energy. 



Sustainable gardening and solar energy social media discussion also driving Madisonville towards the top of this list. This comes as a major investment in the community by Medpace builds more offices, bringing more white collar workers into the area.





A very different flavor of environmentally conscious conversation, Hyde Park residents love talking about recycling and sustainability. Not many overt initiatives are driving the conversation, but plenty of people are doing their own part in reducing consumption in this neighborhood.




Honorable Mentions:

  • Winton Place
  • East end
  • Oakley


There you have it! The Top 5 Greenest Cincinnati Neighborhoods according to social media data.


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