Jan 15, 2018

The most underrated neighborhood in Cincinnati, according to social media data

Social media data is a direct indicator of how much activity happens in an area. Spatial.ai assigns qualities to these activities. Here are the results for our 2017 analysis of Cincinnati Neighborhoods!


Newport is the clear winner, with high scores across most of our social indicators and affordable housing. A few interesting things we noticed when organizing this data:

  • OTR scores really high, unsurprisingly. The interesting part is that it looks like home prices still need to catch up to these high scores. OTR isn't a cheap place to live but compared to the amount of social activity we don't expect real estate prices to level off for awhile.
  • For Mt. Adams, a dip in Social Scores meant a dip in home prices for 2017. Social activity seems to have already peaked in this expensive neighborhood and Zillow reports about a 2% decrease in 2017 prices.
  • Will Northside diversify their social offerings? Usually we see Hipster activity drive other scores higher after some time. Northside consistently increases in Hipster activity, but the other categories have been slow to match.

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