Jul 17, 2019

Spatial.ai Hires Location Data Expert and Director of Customer Success


Cincinnati startup Spatial.ai has hired a critical player in driving innovation and growth for some of the world's largest companies through the use of location analytics.


CINCINNATI, OH, July, 17 - Spatial.ai is proud to announce Lauren McGrath as Senior Director of Customer Success. A location data expert, Lauren has been at the forefront of location science with companies like Skyhook Wireless, where she helped with the launch of their mobile location and geospatial insights product. Most recently, she grew strategic relationships for UberMedia's location-based business intelligence line of products.


Lauren will be assisting clients such as Ford, Phillips Edison, Keller Williams, and ESRI to use Geosocial data for retail site selection, advertising, tenant recruitment, and merchandising. She will also be assisting the retailers and restaurants with thousands of locations who are using Geosocial data through channel partnerships with companies like SiteZeus, Intalytics, and eSite.


“As a student of the geospatial data industry,” said Lauren, “I continuously try to learn about new datasets available. Spatial has impressed me with their clear understanding of the gap in the location, demographics, and psychographics market and their ability to nimbly and quickly develop a unique, industry-leading solution. As shopping behaviors become increasingly experiential, the attitudes and interests of consumers matter more than ever. Spatial is here to tackle that challenge. I am honored and excited to be part of a forward-thinking and innovative team where I can continue leading our clients to success.”


“The reason Lauren comes with such a strong reputation in the industry is her ability to translate location science into business results creatively and most importantly, transparently,” said Spatial CEO Lyden Foust. “Her eagerness to roll up the sleeves and work along slide clients to solve critical problems is just the type of skill set needed to usher in a new way of understanding location, just like she has done with massive mobile data.”


About: Spatial.ai is the world’s first human-driven location dataset - built by categorizing billions of conversations from social networks. Companies like Ford, Phillips Edison, and Keller Williams all use Geosocial data to predict demand, select locations and uncover the human-driven data that has a bottom line impact on their business.


Spatial.ai is backed by Serra Ventures, M25, and Techstars. They have won multiple awards in machine learning and artificial intelligence from Google, Fortune Magazine, and Disruptor Daily.


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