Nov 03, 2016

Revolutionizing Real Estate Map Search

Why do home buyers use maps?

The location question. We all know that location is an important factor when deciding where to live. The quality of the home, it's amenities, and price are all considerations but location is rarely sacrificed. Whenever someone is looking at a map they are trying to understand location and place. 

Today's maps are lines on a page with a few topographical details. Do you think home buyer's care about living by a river? Maybe, but more importantly they are trying to find a location that matches their personality. 

Today's maps do not answer the most important location question: what is an area like?



The Future Spatial is Building.

We now have the ability to use maps to help people answer their location questions at the deepest, personal level. By pulling in human behavioral data from over 30 different sources in real time, Spatial can identify the personality of locations at a granular, neighborhood level.


By visuazing these attributes on map searches, home-buyers can identify the areas in cities they can relate to.


 Maps with Spatial educate people on what cities are like and where they are going to feel the most at home. 

Real Estate Websites:

Real estate websites using Spatial inside their maps are positioning themselves as local experts before they even speak to prospective buyers.  This expedites the online search experience and increases the customer comfort level while making one of the most important decisions in their lives. 


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