Nov 23, 2016

Real Estate Lead Conversion

How can a home search website standout in 2016? Add value.

After performing the work necessary for lead generation, the next step is lead conversion. With hundreds of realtors to work with and websites to browse homes it is hard to be seen as different. Spatial was created to add an entirely new experience to the home-buying process and it's available to everyone. Will you be the first in your market to add Spatial to your site?

Creating unique value on your website is the surest way to optimize real estate lead conversion. These are four simple keys to real estate lead conversion to look at:

  1. Keep visitors on your site longer.
  2. Don't make home searchers look on other sites for neighborhood information.
  3. Answer location-related questions.
  4. Differentiate your website.

An article from BiggerPockets does a great job highlighting the importance of standing out. If home-buyers have no reason to shop on your site instead of your competitors, you have a problem. 

Ready to be bored? Take a look at a typical map search for real estate.Real Estate Marketing


Spatial is making this better.

Real Estate Lead Generation

With Spatial, we can convert leads by building your brand as a local expert. Your site visitors can engage with your maps in a more satisfying way --- leading to higher rates of conversion.

Real Estate Websites:

Real estate websites are using Spatial inside their maps and positioning themselves as local experts before they even speak to prospective buyers.  This expedites the online search experience and increases customer comfort level while making one of the most important decisions in their lives. 


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