Mar 31, 2020

PiinPoint Partners with to Add Geosocial Data and Help Retailers See Beyond Demographics


Waterloo, Ont., March 31, 2020 - PiinPoint is proud to announce a partnership with, the leading Geosocial data provider, allowing retailers and landlords to get a deeper understanding of each community’s multifaceted interests.


Spatial analyzes billions of public location-based social media posts, and organizes them into over 70 social segments, including Animal Advocates, Wanderlust, Student Life, Dating Life, Film Lovers, Party Life, Deal Seekers, and Fitness Obsession. PiinPoint customers will be able to explore these social segments through their Location Intelligence platform and make data-driven decisions.


Communities, like people, are unique and cannot be accurately defined by a single demographic or psychographic characterization. PiinPoint users will be able to develop a stronger understanding of who their customers are, where they are, and what motivates them. This will give retailers greater confidence when evaluating potential new locations or their current store performance. 


Piinpoint Geosocial Segmentation


The Geosocial data also allows landlords and property reps to explore the interests and social segments of communities around their properties. Leasing teams can use this data to determine what retail brands or concepts will thrive in their location by gauging consumer demand. 


“Demographics don’t tell the whole story about customers,” said Lyden Foust, CEO of In the market development process you need to know both the demographics and social behaviors that make a customer unique. The Piinpoint team is top notch at making location intelligence immediately applicable. What is special about this data integration is the platform’s ability to distill both data sources into a format that creates immediate business direction.”


“We are excited to integrate the data into our Location Intelligence platform,” says Jim Robeson, CEO of PiinPoint. “Combining Geosocial data with our existing datasets gives retailers an incredibly deep understanding of their customers, their motivations and the communities around potential new store locations.”


About PiinPoint:

PiinPoint’s Location Intelligence platform provides an easy to use interface that helps retailers and landlords understand their customers, competitors and plan for growth. Using AI and machine learning, PiinPoint provides deep insights into markets across North America and Australia. Companies like Burger King, Tim Hortons, H&R Block, Colliers International, Cushman & Wakefield and Second Cup rely on PiinPoint’s Location Intelligence to grow with confidence.


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About is the world's first human-driven location dataset, built by categorizing billions of conversations from social networks into actionable consumer segments. Companies like Ford, Phillips Edison, and Keller Williams use Geosocial data to predict demand, select locations and uncover the invisible community characteristics that have a bottom-line impact on their business. is backed by Serra Ventures, M25, Futureshape, and Techstars. They have won multiple awards in machine learning and artificial intelligence from Google, Fortune Magazine, and Disruptor Daily. For more information, visit the company website at

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Marketing Manager, PiinPoint

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