Aug 27, 2018

Monday Map #9: Passion and Loyalty in Columbus

I'm a huge fan of singer-songwriter, Ben Rector. I've listened to every song he's ever released, been to multiple concerts (and have tickets to another upcoming show), follow his daily life on Instagram, own a tshirt, and used to only play his CD in my car for months on end to the point where I knew every lyric of every song. You could say I'm pretty passionate about his music. 


People are passionate about all kinds of people, places, and things. This week we will explore our "Passion and Loyalty" segment in Columbus, OH.

How Do You Find "Passion and Loyalty" On Social Media?

We categorize location-based social media content (geosocial data) based on text similarity to reveal how areas compare with one another for a given social topic. Our analysis is more sophisticated than just looking at hashtags and keywords. Rather, these categories are generated through machine learning techniques. In other words, we didn’t set out to find "passion and loyalty," it just happens to be a common type of conversation people naturally engage in on social media. 


What is "Passion and Loyalty?"

Some of the 200+ topics our text analysis organized for this specific category are:

passion, sports fandom, music fandom, product loyalty, #topramen, #dairyqueen

The language this group uses to describes their interests are passionate, often identifying closely with the brands that their favorite products, teams, and musicians portray.


Over-Indexing Areas for "Passion and Loyalty" in Columbus

These are the areas that over-indexed (represented in green) for "passion and loyalty" compared to the national average (national average = 0, 99th percentile = 10). Honestly, I was surprise by the lack of high-scoring areas. With the exception of a few over-indexing pockets, most of the city under-indexes for this segment. The areas that do over-index seem to have specific attributes, like a golf course or park, that may suggest passion and loyalty to those businesses.


  • Gahanna

  • Sharon Woods Metro Park

  • Champions Golf Course

  • Part of Worthington



What would knowing this information help us with?

Product / Brand Strategy: Where is there a tendency for people to attach themselves to a certain product or brand? Knowing where this tendency is high could help inform strategic product decisions since winning them over could build a loyal audience for your brand.   

Sports / Entertainment: How many times do you hear your friends talking about their favorite sports teams or artists? There is this common human desire to attach ourselves to things we love, and the sports and entertainment businesses thrive on it. 


The level of "passion and loyalty" behavior can tell us a lot about an area, especially when observed alongside other social segments. What companies or use cases could you see this map being valuable for?


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