Monday Map #8: The Exclusives of Miami

“What’s the Hi sign? …. wrong sign Porky”. I’ve always loved the quirkiness, humor, and the underlying message involved in 1994 version of the Little Rascals.  And to be honest, when I thought of the ...
Miranda FoustAug 20, 2018

Monday Map #7: Complainers of Detroit

At some point, we've all run into an "Eeyore:" a gloomy, pessimistic person who is fixated on their problems. Their world is grey, the glass is always half empty, and nothing ever seems to go right ...
Jimmy ChaseAug 13, 2018

Monday Map #6: Earthy Granola Hipsters of Cincinnati

Ok, I admit, this is one of the stranger names for our social segments. However, I think the reasoning behind it will become clear after you see the topics of conversation that make up this category. 
Jimmy ChaseAug 06, 2018

Monday Map #5: Hipsters of Boston

We all know that the first rule of hipsterdom is to not identify as a "hipster." And, if you really are one, you probably wouldn't be on something as mainstream as social media anyways. That creates ...
Jimmy ChaseJul 30, 2018

Monday Map #4: Active Moms of Chicago

I'll never fully understand how my mom does everything she does. Growing up, I remember running errands with her as we'd hop from store to store, slowly checking off the long list of items to pickup. ...
Jimmy ChaseJul 23, 2018

Monday Map #3: Close Knit Communities in Pittsburgh

Remember when board games were a thing? You know, that thing you and your friends would do growing up when it was raining outside? The conversation was good, the laughter even better. It was your ...
Jimmy ChaseJul 16, 2018

Playing Matchmaker: How Property Owners & Operators Leverage Geosocial Data

As a retail property owner or operator, how can you drive success?   Ultimately, it all comes down to attracting the right tenants. If your tenants succeed, you succeed. Tenants succeed when they are ...
Griffin MorrisJul 13, 2018
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