7 Tips for Geosocial Visualization

  Learn the best practices when visualizing Geosocial data for data analysis or in your own platform.
Jimmy ChaseAug 28, 2019

Spatial.ai Featured in SFVBJ

  Griffin Morris, VP of Product, had the opportunity to sit down with Amy Stulick at the San Fernando Valley Business Journal to talk about Toys "R" Us's new real estate strategy.    Here is the ...
Jimmy ChaseAug 27, 2019

Dog Lovers Segment Walkthrough

  Learn all about the "Dog Lovers" Geosocial segment and which businesses do well where this behavior is high.
Jimmy ChaseAug 26, 2019

Subway Sees 10%+ Sale Increases with Geosocial Data

  Through their partnership with SiteZeus, Subway found an insight from Geosocial data that improved sales by 10%+.  
Jimmy ChaseAug 21, 2019

New Customer Segmentation technology allows multi-unit brands to build stores with greater accuracy

  SiteZeus introduces a brand new solution for retailers powered by geosocial and mobile location data. 
Lyden FoustAug 20, 2019

Coming Soon: Geography Search Tool by Spatial.ai

  As an intern at Spatial.ai, I frequently needed to analyze data using standardized geographic boundaries. After searching for these geographies on Google, I realized that it is actually quite ...
Ben HobsonAug 12, 2019

Spatial.ai Hires Location Data Expert and Director of Customer Success

  Cincinnati startup Spatial.ai has hired a critical player in driving innovation and growth for some of the world's largest companies through the use of location analytics.  
Lyden FoustJul 17, 2019
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