Cars gave us autonomy. What happens when we give cars autonomy?

Over a hundred years ago, the Model T revolutionized the lives of everyday people and communities in America. Since then cars quickly became the most coveted and beloved technology that anyone owns. ...
Chad GardnerJan 15, 2018

I Built a Machine that Knows my Hometown Better than I Do

As someone born in Cincinnati who has lived here for the first 18 years of my life, I thought I knew this place well. Since I left to study at Ohio State, I’ve had every opportunity to come back to ...
Jack SchroderJan 15, 2018

With machine learning, you’ll know every city as if you grew up there

How do we know what an area is like before going there? We could spend hours researching on the internet resulting in dozens of open browser tabs and a vague understanding of what an area might be ...
Nathan RooyJan 15, 2018

Spatial announced as finalist for BMW Startup Challenge

We are excited to announce that Spatial placed as a finalist in the BMW Startup Challenge! Ten finalists were selected and will present their technologies to a jury of leading innovators in the ...
Lyden FoustJan 15, 2018

Reshaping Cities to Fit Humans

Lyden FoustJan 15, 2018

The Making of a Modern Gandalf: The Story Behind Spatial’s Brand

The Making of a Modern Gandalf: The Story Behind Spatial’s Brand I’m a big fan of stories. Especially the ones with wizards and elves, epic battles and majestic landscapes. The wonder and beauty ...
Jimmy ChaseJan 10, 2018