Sep 11, 2019

Nerd Culture Segment Walkthrough


Learn all about the "Nerd Culture" segment and how insights around this behavior can improve location decisions.


Audio Transcript

Hey everyone, I’m Jack Schroder, the lead data scientist here at Spatial AI. At Spatial, we take location-based social media (also called Geosocial data) and create customer segmentation. 


Today, in honor of International Videogame Day, we’re going to take your through our segment EB02 also known as Nerd Culture. This video is going to be different than others in our segment of the month series, as we are going to go quickly through our taxonomy and then move on to a use case using ESRI’s ArcGIS platform.


Segment Introduction

This segment is focused on lots of fantasy and sci-fi concepts, for example things like cyborgs, batman, and harry potter. Moving quickly through, we can see Nerd Culture mapped, and its relationships with demographics. 


Finally, we come to the retail and restaurant impact section. You can see that this segment is positively correlated with pizza restaurants, universities, arcades, movie theaters, and libraries. So, now that I know about these positive relationships, what can I do with this information? 


Well, there are a lot of ways you might use Geosocial data, for instance in modeling, optimizing where to open new locations, marketing, and merchandising among others. To take you through a an actual use case, we are going to move over to ArcGIS and see this data mapped. 


Nerd Culture Use Case: Blaze Pizza

One of the types that correlates strongly with Nerd Culture is, unsurprisingly, pizza. 


Let’s look at how Nerd Culture plays out practically for a fast growing pizza restaurant, Blaze Pizza. 


We’ll look at a Blaze Pizza here in Carmel, Indiana. According to Google reviews, this is a very popular location in Blaze’s portfolio. Now, let’s map Nerd Culture activity around this location. Very strong to the northwest, there is a residential community. And here to the east as well. We did a little research and found one of the places driving Nerd Culture behavior is this Laser Flash Arcade. 


This brings up an opportunity for this location to do some co-marketing with this arcade concept, driving high value interested customers to the store.


Download Sample Data


And as you can see, this insight scales as well.


Let’s look at a Blaze Pizza that is soon to open in Omaha, Nebraska. Again, we are seeing strong Nerd Culture scores nearby, there is a comic book shop very close. And just here to the south we find a Dave and Busters driving some of this activity.


Another opportunity to advertise to the right crowd during the launch of this new Blaze Pizza Store.


That’s it for this episode of our “segment of the month” series. Today we looked at our Nerd Culture segment, but that’s just one of 72 Geosocial segments that you can explore in our taxonomy. Check it out at and download the sample data yourself!


Download Sample Data


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