Feb 14, 2019

"Love & Romance" Walkthrough

In honor of Valentine's Day, Jack breaks down the Love & Romance segment. Understand each aspect of the data and correlations as he walks through the segment section by section.

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Audio Transcript

Hey everyone, I’m Jack Schroder, the lead data scientist here at Spatial AI. At Spatial we take location-based social media and create customer segmentation. Today, in honor of Valentine’s day, we’re going to go through segment EC01, aka “Love & Romance”, wink wink.



Here’s the summary page for our "Love and Romance segment." We’ve found in our work that this is one of the most common behaviors on social media… people love sharing the best moments from their romantic lives. So what does that look like?


Looking at our example topics, we see big romantic gestures in the form of bouquets, serenades, and engagements, and we see firsthand people’s appreciation for their significant others.


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In the geography section, we can see that, at the county level, romantic gestures seem more common in the midwest. Sorry, West Coast. However, I will note 2 things:


1) This map is relative, so while the behavior is showing up stronger in the midwest and northeast, it is present everywhere in the country. It could be that this simply means that people talk about their romance more in these areas.


2) This data is at the county level. Our standard national dataset comes at the block group level, which you can get an idea of by clicking on one of these tabs: looking at NY, you can see that we can get really granular.


High-Scoring Characteristics

Moving on, let’s look at what neighborhoods are like when they score highly for this segment. The median age is pretty close to the national median. I buy it, after all, love knows no bounds. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that this section reflects the neighborhoods WHERE social media is being made. Knowing that, it stands to reason that "Love & Romance" is a higher income segment. It’s likely that people go to nicer areas for a romantic event.


We can see that this segment is also associated with some diversity, higher education rates, lower unemployment, and urban areas.  Homeownership mirrors the national average and high scoring areas had a slight lean to the right in the 2016 election.



Looking at the time section, it’s pretty cool to see this peak right around Valentine’s day. Unsurprisingly, love and romance shows up strong on the weekend.



Finally, we come to retail and restaurant impact. This segment has statistically significant correlations with places people go for date night. And while it might not be able to buy you love, it looks like money is good for a romantic evening.


That’s all I've got for the "Love & Romance" segment for now. We’ve got 72 of these segments; come check out which is right for your business and download the sample data yourself. Thanks for watching, everyone, and Happy Valentine's day.


Download Sample Data

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