Jul 03, 2019

"Lighthearted Fun" Walkthrough

Lead Data Scientist, Jack Schroder, gives an in-depth breakdown of the "Lighthearted Fun" segment. Understand each aspect of the data and correlations as he walks through the segment section by section.



Audio Transcript

Hey everyone, I’m Jack Schroder, the lead data scientist here at Spatial AI. At Spatial, we take location-based social media (also called geosocial data) and create customer segmentation. 


Today, we’re celebrating July 4th and taking you through segment EE07, aka “Lighthearted Fun”, which is something I hope a lot of you are having during this year’s America day. Let’s hop into the taxonomy and see what this segment is all about. 



As the page reads, this segment is all about good times, both inside and out. The topics section of our taxonomy will give you the best sense of this, with common keywords including trivia, climbing, “silly”, snacks, and time with friends. We noticed that one of the behaviours we consistently saw with this segment was group activities (think laser tag, soccer, capture the flag). The kind of stuff some kids might do on their birthdays. The segment covers a lot more than that, but that’s one example of a specific behavior this segment captures. 


Scrolling down, you can improve your understanding of what this segment is like by seeing where it shows up strongly on the map, and then further down we get into demographics. 


Download Sample Data


Characteristics of High-Scoring Neighborhoods

I’m going to skip over some of these, but I will note here that this segment shows up strongly in areas with lots of people under age 15, that are high income, and often white. Education and employment are slightly better than average, and home ownership is high. 



In the time section we can see that this behavior is strong in warm months and also on weekends. 


Retail & Restaurant Impact

Finally, we come to the retail & restaurant impact section. I really want to highlight this section, because this is some really cool stuff. What we’ve done here is looked across the United States at neighborhoods that scored very high and very low for the Lighthearted Fun segment. And what we’ve found is that we can show statistically significant correlations between this segment and different types of businesses. 


When you look at the results for Lighthearted Fun, we see that common businesses include fast food restaurants, gyms, pizza places, veterinarians, and arcades. 


Based on this data, we can make recommendations for the types of businesses that belong in various locations. Property owners are using it to better understand who to place in their shopping centers and retailers and restaurants are using this data to understand where to place their next location.


Additionally, we’ve included a dollar sign, which signifies that there are above average amounts of 2 dollar sign restaurants in areas where lighthearted fun is common. 


This data is super useful because it provides a window into the right businesses and activities for a given community. It’s available for all of Spatial’s 72 segments. 


That’s it for this episode of our “Segment of the Month” series. Today we looked at our “Lighthearted Fun” segment, but that’s just one of 72 Geosocial segments that you can explore in our taxonomy. Check it out at taxonomy.spatial.ai and download the sample data yourself! Thanks for watching, and Happy 4th of July!


Download Sample Data

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