Apr 19, 2018

Life as a Data Scientist at Spatial

Hello world! Question: do you love data? Tinkering with code? Are you that one person always asking those weird questions no one else thinks to ask? Good news, we’re looking to hire a data scientist!

At Spatial, we live and breath data. Working as a data scientist here means your time is split between two main areas; supporting the current product lineup and R&D.

Support - Spatial has a suite of products currently deployed, which means they need to be maintained and updated accordingly. Additionally we’re always trying to optimize and improve our existing product ecosystem. Can we deliver our results faster? Can we make our APIs more user friendly? Can we accommodate that odd customer request we got this morning? These are all questions we ask ourselves when we’re supporting our existing products.

Research and development - What do you do once you’ve already achieved industry leading performance? It’s back to the drawing board, or Arxiv... The primary research themes at Spatial revolve around extracting useful signal from terabytes of streaming social media to help in the areas of retail site selection, navigation, and smart cities. In addition to social media, we’re always researching non-traditional sources to understand location. This includes web scraping, traffic data, weather data, etc. We’re open to anything!


coding at the office

paired programmingwhiteboard work for algorithms

Life at Spatial

Thus far the Spatial family is still relatively small which means everyone has an impact on the future success of the company. It also means that everyone has a high degree of responsibility and autonomy. Because of this, trust is the glue that holds us together. Building up this trust is accomplished through our quarterly outings and monthly after-work drinks.


the spatial team

Spatial Conquest, Fall 2017


playing catan

Kickin' back with Catan


thursday happy hour

Happy Hour @ Taft's Ale House 


At Spatial, as much as we strive for company success, we also firmly believe in fostering personal growth. Not only do we want to build a great company, we want to invest in you so that you can achieve your personal career goals as well.


What we’re looking for

The ideal candidate will be well versed in machine learning and data science. We’re looking for someone who is genuinely passionate about what they do. This could take the form of a healthy GitHub full of passion projects or a personal blog detailing the implementations of your favorite white papers. Maybe you spend your free time contributing to an open source project instead? Passion is what drives us at Spatial, it’s a key ingredient to our success. If this describes you, and you’re an expert on the following areas, you should definitely contact us!

  • Python
  • NumPy
  • Scikit-learn
  • Natural language processing
  • Web scraping
  • Hadoop or Spark
  • TensorFlow
  • Thorough understanding of statistics and linear algebra
  • Knowledgeable and or passionate about LOTR


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Looking for more info? Check out how we're using machine learning in retail .

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