Jun 02, 2017

Introducing Chad Gardner

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Originally came to Cincinnati after being accepted into the ocean program and dropping out of college to co-found a mobility based company called LYFEBOAT. After a year of working on LYFEBOAT I went back to school to finish my BS in Computer Science with a concentration in Business Administration. At Spatial I will be working using my background to become a bridge between our customers and sales team to the engineering team and product.

So, you jumped into Spatial. What made you decide to join us?

With my background in the mobility space, and my love for all things tech, Spatial stood out to me as a great opportunity to work on the things that I love with a team that is just as committed as I am.

You seem pretty pumped about Cincinnati. What is so special about this city for you?

Before I came to Cincinnati I was very skeptical about what the city was like because it was never on my radar. After seeing the city and meeting the people I realized that this city has huge growth potential and I wanted to be along for the ride.

How did you get into computer science?

I have been around computers for most of my life and I would play games and mess around with websites in my free time. I got my first formal training in high school after I found that coding classes were offered. At this point I thought of programming as more of a hobby and it wasn’t until after I built my first iOS app the summer after my freshman year of college did I consider it. The next semester I switched my major from Aerospace Engineering to CS and never looked back.

What gets you jazzed about the future as it pertains to Spatial?

I love the openness of possibilities that we can explore here at Spatial. AI is going to be the future of how we interact with our devices and I think that we are taking a unique approach that most companies are overlooking.

What is your favorite flavor of Kombucha?

I am not seasoned enough to know the difference between any two flavors.

What is inspiring you right now?

What gets me going every morning is knowing that when I walk into the office there will be a new challenge to overcome and I get a lot of satisfaction when I am able to prove to myself that I am able to do it.

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