Aug 20, 2018

Monday Map #8: The Exclusives of Miami

“What’s the Hi sign? …. wrong sign Porky”. I’ve always loved the quirkiness, humor, and the underlying message involved in 1994 version of the Little Rascals.  And to be honest, when I thought of the idea of “exclusives”, my mind immediently went to the He Man Women Haters Club.  Although not the makeshift clubhouse displayed in the movie, Miami is full of the areas where maybe more than a “hi sign” is needed to be let in.

How Do You Find "Exclusives" On Social Media?

We categorize location-based social media content (geosocial data) based on text similarity to reveal how areas compare with one another for a given social topic. Our analysis is more sophisticated than just looking at hashtags and keywords. Rather, these categories are generated through machine learning techniques. In other words, we didn’t set out to find "Exclusives," it just happens to be a common type of conversation people naturally engage in on social media. 


What is "Exclusives?"

Some of the 200+ topics our text analysis organized for this specific category are:

Golfstagram, Caterers, Waitlist, Country Club

I’m talking cocktail hours and cloth napkins. These people who enjoy engaging in elite or exclusive activities (and talk about it on social media) drive this category.


Over-Indexing Areas for "Exclusives" in Cincinnati

These are the areas that over-indexed (represented in green) for "Exclusives" compared to the national average (national average = 0, 99th percentile = 10). Understandably, we see many “exclusives” on South Beach and along the oceanfront. However there are a few “Exclusives” standouts just inland.Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.41.32 PM

  • North Beach

  • South Beach

  • Grandan Park

  • Key Biscayne

  • Gable Estate

  • Silver Palm



What would knowing this information help us with?

Benefits/Politics: What if you knew exactly the right place to cater a benefit dinner or looking for sponsorship for a campaign? These people are use to being plugged in. While at the links, they are making connections...exclusive connections.

Builders/Architects: What if you knew the right community to build that home or club house you have been dreaming up? And those people knew people that knew people that knew people who also wanted a new guest house built?

Lux Business: These would be great locations for brands that are over the top. Rolls Royce, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc... would all be great additions to these exclusive areas.


The level of "Exclusive" behavior can tell us a lot about an area, especially when observed alongside other social segments. What companies or use cases could you see this map being valuable for?


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