Aug 26, 2019

Dog Lovers Segment Walkthrough


Learn all about the "Dog Lovers" Geosocial segment and which businesses do well where this behavior is high.


Audio Transcript

Hey everyone, I’m Jack Schroder, the lead data scientist here at Spatial AI. At Spatial, we take location-based social media (also called Geosocial data) and create customer segmentation.


Today’s a very special day, as we are joined by our "Chief Good Boy" Porter, who’s helping us introduce the Dog Lovers segment. Let’s see what this segment is about.



You might have guessed it from your own life, but people love talking about dogs on social media. This is certainly one of our most frequently occurring segments. In the topics section, you can see that people talk about dog breeds, puppies, going on walks and plenty of emojis.


Scrolling down, we can see a map of this behavior across the USA. Interestingly, while the Dog Lovers segment can be found anywhere, you can see here that it is not as strong in many major urban areas.


Characteristics of High Scoring Neighborhoods

In looking at some of the demographic characteristics of this segment, you can see that Dog Lovers is associated with median age, high income, and often white areas. Education is higher in neighborhoods exhibiting this segment and unemployment is low. You can also see data about urbanicity, home ownership, and election results in this section.



In the time section we can see that this behavior is strong in warm months and also on weekends.


Retail & Restaurant Impact

Finally, we come to the Retail & Restaurant Impact section. What we’ve done here is looked across the United States at neighborhoods that scored very high and very low for the Dog Lovers segment. And what we’ve found is that we can show statistically significant correlations between this segment and different types of businesses.


Download Sample Data


When you look at the results for Dog Lovers, we see that a number of pet related businesses and points of interest, among others.


Based on this data, we can make recommendations for the types of businesses that belong in various locations. Property owners use this data to better understand who to place in their shopping centers, and retailers and restaurants use this data to understand where to place their next location.


Additionally, we’ve included a dollar sign, which signifies that there are above average amounts of 1 dollar sign restaurants in areas where the Dog Lovers segment is common.


This data is super useful because it provides a window into the right businesses and activities for a given community, and it’s available for all of Spatial’s 72 segments.


That’s it for this episode of our “Segment of the Month” series. Today we looked at our “Dog Lovers” segment, but that’s just one of 72 Geosocial segments that you can explore in our taxonomy. Check it out at and download the sample data yourself! Thanks for watching.


Download Sample Data


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