Aug 12, 2019

Coming Soon: Geography Search Tool by


As an intern at, I frequently needed to analyze data using standardized geographic boundaries. After searching for these geographies on Google, I realized that it is actually quite difficult to find a specific geography in the United States and Canada by its identifying code (block groups, census tract, dissemination area, zip code, etc). This realization led to my final project, which was to create a tool that allows users to quickly and easily view geographies.


Knowing that this tool would be shared publicly, I wanted to create a web page that was lightweight and simple, so I used plain Javascript and a SQLite database for querying. In the current stage of the project, users can query for geographies in the United States and Canada by address, coordinates, geography id, or the view of a map. These geographies are then rendered and coupled with demographic data to give users an overview of any community. We plan on releasing this tool to the public once it has been fully tested by our team and the UI/UX is optimized. I hope this tool proves useful to others, and based on its current use within our analytics team, I believe it will be.


image1Current State of the Geography Search Tool (August 1st, 2019) has always been focused on understanding communities and–mindful of my internship finishing–I’m thankful I could create a tool that helps us do just that. My time here has taught me so much more about myself and data science than I thought I could learn in a summer. I’m grateful to have been part of such a talented team, focused on groundbreaking Geosocial data. I see only success for the future of the company and am quite proud to have joined the team.

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