Sep 10, 2018

Monday Map #10: Classic Male Interests in Cleveland

Classic male interests…. Well when I, a female, think of “classic male interests”, especially in the Cleveland area, my immediate understanding is solely based around growing up with an older brother that will forever be an indebted Cleveland sports fan. So to me, the classic male interests in Cleveland would include words like “dollar beer night”, “Lebron leaves again”, and “home run at Progressive Field”. Although sports is an overlap in “Classic Male Interest”, this group is a bit more refined. They too would enjoy a cold beer and a nice cigar to top off the evening. However, they might show up to a sporting event in a brand name collared shirt rather than a mesh jersey. This group likes the hobbies that are a bit more expensive to keep up: golfing, boating, skiing, hiking. The “Classic Male Interests” group has established their wealth, tend to be a bit older, and they have an extensive network built up around them also participating in “Classic Male Interests”.

How Do You Find “Classic Male Interests” On Social Media?

We categorize location-based social media content (geosocial data) based on text similarity to reveal how areas compare with one another for a given social topic. Our analysis is more sophisticated than just looking at hashtags and keywords. Rather, these categories are generated through machine learning techniques. In other words, we didn’t set out to find "Classic Male Interests," it just happens to be a common type of conversation people naturally engage in on social media.


What is “Classic Male Interests”?

Some of the 200+ topics our text analysis organized for this specific category are:

sports, beer, cigars, troops, rugby, networking

These people have more refined interests. They might have boats, box seats, memberships to yacht clubs, country clubs, or to a hiking reservation. They’ve grown up, established a life, and are now participating in what they love, but also letting social media know about it.


Over-Indexing Areas for "Classic Male Interests" in Cleveland

Although you might expect “Classic Male Interest” groups to be consolidated at sporting arenas in the city center, they are more common on the outskirts of the city where country clubs and the like are more prevalent. These are the areas that over-indexed for "Classic Male Interests" conversation (represented in green) compared to the national average (national average = 0, 99th percentile = 10)


  • Downtown

  • Warrensville Heights

  • South Euclid

  • Mayfield Heights



What would knowing this information help us with?

High end, experiential, male-focused retailers: This type has money and cares about experiences. Companies like Burlington coat factory, high end cigar retailers, casinos, whiskey distilleries, boat sales, and fine barbers should all be aware of which communities index high in this category.

Real estate: This category shows up in upper middle class to wealthy neighborhoods and tends to stabilize the market. Their roots are down, they keep care of things, but these people are not culture drivers like let’s say “artistically inclined” segment - which correlate in a rise in real estate prices. Buy retail and residential here for a safe long term bet.


Restaurants: Food that would do well hear ranges from a great steak to share with a significant other, to a luxury sports bar to enjoy with “the guys”.


The level of "Classic Male Interest" behavior can tell us a lot about an area, especially when observed alongside other social segments. What companies or use cases could you see this map being valuable for?


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