Jul 09, 2018

Monday Map #2: Celebrating Love in LA

I'm 23 right now. Needless to say, my Facebook feed is 90% engagement and wedding photos. By the end of 2018, I will have attended 8 weddings and my sister will be engaged. On top of it all, I proposed to my wonderful lady last month and am already neck deep into wedding planning. Did I mention our very own Lyden Foust got married this past weekend?!

For such momentous occasions as these, it's nearly impossible for people not to share their experiences with the world on social media. So, in light of all of these celebrations of love, we are sharing our "Celebrating Love" segment in Los Angeles, CA. 


How Do You Find "Celebrating Love" On Social Media?

Our analysis is more sophisticated than just looking at hashtags and keywords. By categorizing social media based on text similarity, we reveal how areas stack up against one another for a given social topic. The categorization is built bottom-up — in other words, we didn’t set out to find “Celebrating Love”, it just happened to be a common type of conversation people naturally engage in on social media. 


What is Celebrating Love?

Some of the 200+ topics our text analysis organized for this specific category are:

[newlyweds, #anniversary, nuptials]

This group is marked by celebrating more serious relationships and romantic milestones. They want everyone to know about their love, and are eager to share these special experiences with others.  


Over-Indexing Areas for Celebrating Love in Los Angeles

These are the areas that over-indexed for Celebrating Love compared to the national average (national average = 0, 99th percentile = 10). Interestingly enough, the city overall seems to be below average, while higher indexes start appearing farther east towards West Covina. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.49.07 AM


  • Whitley Heights Historic District
  • West Holywood
  • Beverly Hills
  • Whittier
  • Glendale



What would knowing this information help us with?

Wedding Planners: The wedding industry is huge and online businesses like The Knot use data to share the latest trends, facts and figures for everything wedding related. Incorporating geosocial data cannot only help analyze trends but help plan things like destination weddings where location is a huge (and expensive) factor. 

Department Stores: Newly weds will be looking for the best stores for their registries. What if you could optimize your marketing strategy to reach them in the areas they spend time?

Product Stocking and Optimization: Are your stores located near a high-indexing "Celebrating Love" area? You should consider stocking your shelves with relevant products. Who knows when you'll need an extra bottle of wine and bouquet of flowers?


Love is something we all need and search for. When it comes to finding where it's shared and celebrated, we've got you covered. 

What companies or use cases could you see this map being valuable for?


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