The most underrated neighborhood in Cincinnati, according to social media data

Social media data is a direct indicator of how much activity happens in an area. assigns qualities to these activities. Here are the results for our 2017 analysis of Cincinnati ...
Griffin MorrisJan 15, 2018

Real Estate Lead Generation Through Map Search

Let's start with a fundamental problem: how to get real estate leads. What do you call someone who visits a real estate agent or brokerage website? A lead? No, they are just website visitors. What do ...
Griffin MorrisDec 24, 2016

Real Estate Lead Conversion

How can a home search website standout in 2016? Add value. After performing the work necessary for lead generation, the next step is lead conversion. With hundreds of realtors to work with and ...
Griffin MorrisNov 23, 2016

Revolutionizing Real Estate Map Search

Why do home buyers use maps? The location question. We all know that location is an important factor when deciding where to live. The quality of the home, it's amenities, and price are all ...
Griffin MorrisNov 03, 2016
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