Jul 23, 2018

Monday Map #4: Active Moms of Chicago

I'll never fully understand how my mom does everything she does. Growing up, I remember running errands with her as we'd hop from store to store, slowly checking off the long list of items to pickup. Then there were all of our soccer games, school events, and other extracurriculars she drove us to. All while working a full-time job. Of course, being a mom is much more than running errands and raising kids, but certainly not less. 

In honor of all the amazing moms out there, this week’s post goes out to the “Active Moms” of Chicago.


How Do You Find "Active Moms" On Social Media?

Our analysis is more sophisticated than just looking at hashtags and keywords. By categorizing social media based on text similarity, we reveal how areas stack up against one another for a given social topic. The categorization is built bottom-up — in other words, we didn’t set out to find “Active Moms," it just happened to be a common type of conversation people naturally engage in on social media. 


What is "Active Moms"?

Some of the 200+ topics our text analysis organized for this specific category are:

dogs, motherhood, kids, napping, exercise

Whether its their real kids or #dogmom, you'll find this group at the park or running errands during the day. 


Over-Indexing Areas for "Active Moms" in Chicago

These are the areas that over-indexed for "Active Moms" compared to the national average (national average = 0, 99th percentile = 10). As you could have probably guessed, downtown scored fairly low while suburban areas throughout the area scored better, albeit in a scattered fashion. 


  • Oakpark
  • Evergreen Park
  • Palos Heights
  • Evanston
  • Uptown


What would knowing this information help us with?

Youth Organizations: These type of businesses and organizations could benefit from knowing where the "Active Moms" segment is over-indexing. Girl Scouts, for example,  could better inform where they should host recruitment events.

Property Owners: Perhaps you are a property owner and thinking of placing a Youth Sports Center in one of your vacancies. Running analytics on the "Active Moms" segment, in addition to your normal demographic analysis of the area, could help decide whether this is the best tenant type for this location.  

Product Stocking and Optimization: Are your stores located near a high-indexing "Active Moms" area? You should consider stocking your shelves with relevant products that moms are known to buy. 


As you can see, the level of "Active Mom" behavior can tell us a lot about an area and what kinds of activity happen there. What companies or use cases could you see this map being valuable for?


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