Introducing Zhaowei Ren

Posted by Lyden Foust on May 22, 2017 2:49:02 PM


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a UC graduate student now majoring in electrical and computer engineering. Prior to UC, I spent 5 years at Cincinnati Children's hospital  working as a data analyst and software developer. In my freetime, I enjoy playing basketball, video games, and the Werewolves board game.


So, you jumped into Spatial. What made you decide to join us?

First, Spatial is a cool idea and has built a great product. It would feel great if my work turns into  a product that many customers can use. Second, we share many common values and interests. When I was interviewed by Lyden, I didn’t feel any pressure and we could understand each other very well.


Rumor has it you once created a dancing robot, could you tell us about that?

It was a wonderful experience during my junior year of college. Three friends and I worked together and made a human form dancing robot and ended up winning second prize in the 2008 Jiangsu province robot competition. We made everything from scratch except the chip and motors. We choreographed three minutes of Tai Chi motions for the robot because it was for our compulsory course and everybody knows Tai Chi.


How did you get into computer science/machine learning?

Computers are the most exciting and revolutionary technology when I was young. I found out that computers were capable of doing amazing things like writing articles, drawing pictures, and playing games such as Delta Force and Red Alert. In high school I started to learn basic data structures using Pascal. I think programming is interesting and a tool that can change the world.


What does the future look like in 100 words?

My long term goal is to grow with the company and continue to learn, have fun, and contribute value. I will grow to become a full-stack software developer and also hopefully gain experience in marketing, machine learning, and other interesting fields. First, I will familiarize myself with the web services framework and related details. Once that is accomplished, I will begin to branch out and learn about the other exciting technologies Spatial is creating and using. Moreover, I want to build strong relationships with my fellow coworkers and become proficient in Catan. Maybe I’ll become the best Catan player in Spatial?


What is your favorite flavor of Kombucha?

In order to answer this question, I had to buy three kombucha drinks from the local grocery store. They were kinda expensive (compared with Coke, Tina’s daily drink). Honestly, all of them had a strong and weird flavor and not very tasty to me. If I have to pick one, I’d take the original flavor because it tastes the mildest.


What does Spatials’ vision mean to you?

To me, Spatials’ vision means I can not only finish my own software development work, but I can also take part in marketing strategy, data analysis or any other work I’m interested in. It will be fun, and I can learn many new things that weren't covered in graduate school.


What is inspiring you right now?

As a newbie in the tech industry, the two main targets for myself are (1) learn new ideas and technologies (2) achieve some success that I will be proud of. Also, I want to contribute as much to our team as possible without being too much of a burden. To achieve this, I have to stay curious, creative, and continuously keep learning.